Unable to boot Windows 10 media from USB or from DVD

Feb 5, 2019
Brand new Alienware Aurora R8 with a RTX 2080Ti graphics card. I've only had the computer for two weeks. Computer was running perfectly fine until yesterday. I was working on a new song in FL Studio and that's the only program that was open when I decided to go take a quick shower. After returning to my computer I saw a blue screen of death randomly pop up on my screen and ever since then the computer fails to boot. The computer is stuck in a loop where it tries to boot but "preparing automatic repair" pops up and then instead of doing that, the computer reboots again and just continues this cycle.

With that said, even when the PC manages to open Alienwares Support Assist tool, it scans everything and the hardware all comes back as "OK". However, if I then push Next or Continue the computer reboots again and is back to being stuck in this boot loop. I'm fairly confident that a Windows update installed while I was in the shower since a notification about an update popped up on my machine shortly before going to take a shower.

I used the Windows Media Creation Tool to put a fresh copy of Windows 10 on a freshly formatted ExFat flash drive I had available. However, when trying to boot from this flash drive from my affected PC, the Windows logo will pop up, then it crashes immediately after with another blue screen of death. I decided to try a second USB flash drive using Windows Media Creation tool again. Same issue, Windows logo pops up for a second, then a blue screen of death crashed the PC sending it right back into the same boot loop.

I finally decided to try and use a DVD with the Windows 10 Iso image on it. It seems like it tries to boot from this CD and FINALLY I get a message "press any key to boot from CD" or whatever the verbatim is. So I press a key and rather than running Windows setup, the computer AGAIN reboots and YET AGAIN gets stuck in this viscous boot loop cycle. I've exhausted all options and even spent 2+ hours on the phone with a Dell Rep from their Premium support. They are telling me they'll have a tech come out and replace the hard drive but that I have to wait almost a week!

This seems insane considering I spent 4 grand on this machine only 2 weeks ago.

Anyone have any useful advice? I also can't get into Windows Repair Tool since it seems like Alienwares Support Assist opens up instead and it's not useful to me. If I could simply get into the Windows Repair tool, I could probably get this fixed. I need to revert to the last Windows update but I can't even access Safe Mode, or the Windows Repair Tool etc.



its likely the bios has secure boot enabled since its only 2 weeks old. I have no idea what a dell bios looks like now, but it could be a choice on the Boot tab. If you can disable it, you should be able to boot off USB or DVD,
Its possible there is also something called Fast boot in bios, turning it off would also help.

Problem is that half the time the manual for Dell PC doesn't show enough info about bios settings. Otherwise I would look for info there.

With such a new PC I would be taking it to them to fix, as its unclear if problem is hardware or not.


Jan 27, 2019
I've had a case where nothing would let the PC boot using other devices until the regular boot partition was formatted. This is of course a risk you'd have to be willing to take.

Also, I know HP loves to mess up boot support for USB 3.0 devices with a settings in their BIOS in prebuilts. Maybe there's a setting to enable and disable USB 3.0 devices. Also, try changing the Legacy support in the BIOS if there's even such an option, maybe use Rufus to change the Target system setting. If you need more info on that, ask or google...