[SOLVED] Unable to install Windows 10 on Asus X505BA laptop ?

Aug 23, 2021
Hi, I cannot install W10 on a Asus laptop, it had an HDD with W10 installed but it died so I change it for an Adata SDD 250gb. But the instalation tool did not started, the screen was black with some lines at the bottom. I've tested with two different usb but got the same problem. Then I tried using another ssd but that didn't work either. I also connected the ssd to other PC and it worked fine but when I plugged to the laptop again it didn't boot.

I've manage to install Windows 8 but there are no drivers available for this laptop in W8 so the wifi and the touchpad do not work. I've tried to update to w10 but then I get a message that says "An installation error has occurred, cannot install Windows 10 ". I've also managed to install ubuntu and it worked fine but I need W10 for autocad.