Question Unable to open any old files after Windows 10 installation?

Jul 30, 2019
I installed Windows 10 via a USB drive and it was a good & legit copy, during the installation process I formatted the C drive which was titled "Primary" and then completed the installation process just fine.!

now... I have 3 other partitions on the hard drive (D,G,E).. when I opened them after the installation I noticed that every file no matter its type except txt files was ending with this weird extension
?? and I can't open them, I've tried to rename any file and delete this ending manually and then trying to open them again, but it says the file can't be open..!!!!!

I'm really freaking out and I don't know what to do.. all of my files are now seems to be corrupted and worthless...!

How can I fix this..??


Win 10 Master
can you right click start
choose disk management
expand the next window so we can see all the columns
take a screenshot and upload to an image sharing website and show link here.

Just so we can see what drives look like.

This seems unlikely
The FORMAT file type is primarily associated with Apple II operating system.

Seems it could be a virus -

What antivirus program are you using:?
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