Question Unable to power on

Apr 16, 2019
Hi all, this concerns a Dell XPS 15 (9550) - I have posted already to the relevant Dell and Reddit forums but seeing as I've come across the most useful advice on troubleshooting on Tom's Hardware, I thought I'd give you guys a try too.

I recently replaced a swollen battery in my XPS 15 (a common problem) with a Dell-branded replacement, only for this not to charge. I continued using the laptop while waiting for the second replacement but this morning the laptop would not turn on at all.

The power button does not light up and the screen remains black.

I have performed a hard reset by unplugging the AC and removing the battery and pressing the power button for 20-30 seconds (also a minute for good luck..).

I have tried three batteries (the original swollen one; the faulty replacement; and the new replacement which appears to charge). I have also tried with just AC power (battery removed) but no difference noted.

When I plug in the AC, the light on the front briefly turns on. Also, when I press the small button to the right side of the power button, the 5 tiny LED lights turn on (indicating full battery charge). This shows to me that power is getting through the system somehow but perhaps not being distributed properly. Without the battery, the front LED briefly lights in the same way when the AC is plugged in.

I have tried different electrical sockets. My understanding is the swollen battery and new replacement are both charged. The AC appears to be working fine and lights up.

I have taken the RAM out and also swapped the RAM around but no difference. I have additionally removed SSD (PCIe), second HDD, RAM and disconnected the WLAN - no difference noted.

The laptop was working fine the evening before. I powered it off normally and unplugged the AC. The following morning it would not turn on at all. I did not open up the back in the meantime, which makes me think I have not caused a short circuit myself. However, I am starting to think a component has been shorted somehow.

Any advice or ideas on what it might be before I take it to a repair shop? Many thanks in advance.