Question Unable to remember the name of an old pc Action game

Jul 16, 2022
Hello everyone,

There is a game I am unable to remember its name.
It's (3d action) or (adventure) PC game I used to play 20 years ago on my Pentium II desktop. The game was released either in 2001 or most likely 2002,
The story of the game at the beginning, there is an introduction telling a story of a family in ancient eras consisting of, I think, seven brothers and sisters, and was telling how they all became magicians, or they are magicians by nature, and there is a guy who has to kill all family members, At a first stage he was inside a huge room/hall inside palace or castle, and as I remember too, the last stage I have to kill the huge monster who located at the island.

I still remember; it was a difficult, long, and very thrilling game, and it was a trend at that time. Everyone was talking about it.
Does anybody remember it or have a clue?