[SOLVED] Under-performance after upgrade. In need of some help.

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Nov 18, 2019
Well that's good news. That fixed your memory speed problem. They are now working perfectly judging from that benchmark.

As for your CPU temps please install HWINFO64. When you start the program you can check the "Sensor only" and it open a windows with pretty much all the info you need. You can see the CPU temps, voltages and everything. Get a screenshot of the CPU temps at idle and load in a game or something. Your CPU might be fine depending on the Air Cooler you have on it. If it's the stock cooler than that temp and sound is normal. Having an aftermarket cooler is always better of course than the stock one.
I'm having trouble posting the link to my screenshot (From gyazo) even in non link form. I'm definitely having some temp problems.
It looks like the max temp is 99C, which is definitely too high, and undoubtedly resulting in some performance throttling when under sustained CPU load. What kind of CPU cooler is installed on the 9600KF?

On the positive side, the memory appears to be running normal now that the XMP profile has been enabled, which is likely why the other hardware is performing largely as expected in the benchmark now.
60C CPU at idle is way too much. You are most likely hitting 90-100 under gaming sessions. Please check CPU temps under loa; HWINFO64, Open Hardware Monitor, CoreTemp and many other programs will show you what you need to know.

For best results (no throttling) you should not be exceeding 85C under load. The lower the better.


Nov 6, 2019
Those temps were just in the Desktop.

Edit I will say those temps were after an hour or two of gaming.
Your problem is one of the 3 below or a combination of some.

  • CPU heatsink not properly seated.
  • Airflow in your case is really bad.
  • Thermal Paste not properly applied.
What is your CPU cooler?