Question Unexpected system restarts after sudden black screen.

Jan 31, 2021
Hello everyone,

about 2 months ago I built this rig:
  • RTX 3070 Inno3D Ichill 3
  • Ryzen 5 5600x
  • 2x 8GB corsair vengeance ram
  • Asus TUF x570 plus wifi Motherboard
  • 2x Samsung 870 Evo SSD (one of which was salvaged from my old build)
  • Be quiet pure loop watercooler
  • Corsair RM750 750watt PSU
when I first started using it I experienced this issue as well however a bios update was enough for it to go away for a few months. Recently I have started to experience this again. It doesn't matter what I was doing be it gaming watching something or just scrolling a website at times the PC will just restart out of nowhere. When this happened the first few times around I would go into event viewer and find it just stated a generic kernel power error. however, since the issue has resurfaced it has become a bit more precise it now states WHEA-Logger 18. I was wondering if any of you fine folks could give me an idication of how to fix it, or what component to send back to the store.... What ever the outcome thanks in advance for reading!