Question Unity games consistently crashing.

Nov 12, 2022
Hi All

I have been having issues recently playing a few unity games such as PlateUp! and Gunfire Reborn where as they will randomly crash whilst playing. It had been fine up until around beginning of September and I haven't had any issues with any other games. PlateUp! is the only one im concerned with but Gunfire seems to narrow it to unity somehow.

Event Viewer shows that the Desktop Window Manager is also crashing at the same time as the games do.

Event Viewer logs:
I cant find any crash logs for PlateUp!

My temps always seem to be around 60c so I don't believe that is the issue and my utilization is not noticeably high either. I did stress test both the CPU and GPU. The GPU stayed consistent at 84C at only 73% fan speed. The CPU did get to 104C but normal use temps way lower.

System Specs:
Windows 10 Pro
Asus Prime b450m-a Motherboard.
AMD Ryzen 5 3600x
AMD RX 5700xt
Corsair 16gb DDR4 RAM running at 3000mhz

What I've tried so far:

Lowered settings
Fresh Install of the games on different SSD
Installed newest driver for GPU
Rolled back to a driver from August as I believe the issue was not present then.
Replaced Ram for new set as one stick died. (issue persisted)
Tried an old GPU (Nvidia 1050Ti)
SFC Scan
DSIM Check/Scan/Restore Health
Fresh Install of Windows on a different SSD.
Ran Windows Memory Diagnostic.

I'm at a loss here with this and whilst I can find posts online of others who have had this issue, I haven't been able to find a fix.

Any help would be much appreciated.
explorer crashed few times build version 19041.2006, might be woth updating, latest is 19041.2193

plateup crashed due to windows detected memory leak in that app
backpack her crashed due to same reason
mft3.exe (probably manufactoria) - same memory leak reason
gunfire - memory leak + exception breakpoint
prime95 - memory leak
overwatch - memory leak

dwm (desktop window manager) seems to be crashing
google search shows it crahes alot with xboxcontroller, this can be resolved with controller firmware update

so with that many memory leak issues, id say its safe to assume that your windows installation is corrupted

first run memtest, if it passes
run chkdsk C: /r command in CMD/powershell with admin rights

run DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth
then run SFC /ScanNow command
run it in this order, dism fixes local copy, sfc does online fix, runing it in reverse mostly doesnt work the way you want as online copy (sfc) gets replaced with local backup (dism)

btw several memory leaks were fixed on win10 June 2022 Patch Thuesday
Nov 12, 2022
Thank you for your prompt reply. I didn't notice the optional updates in the menu so have done these now. this did include a controller update.

memtest came back with no errors, neither did the chkdsk.

I ran DISM and then SFC. SFC did find some corrupt files and repaired them so hopefully this fixes it. I haven't got time to test this at the moment so will update soon.