Unknown Bluescreen of death.


Nov 7, 2014
My computer has bluescreened twice now. I do not understand why.
The system is an Optiplex 790, with 10gbs of ram. 2 250gb harddrives, and an amd radeon hd 6670.
The powersupply is 450 watts.
I will upload the files over at
If anyone can give me a detailed description of what both of those bluescreens mean, i would greatly appreciate it.
Thankyou in advance.
Hello... All my experience with BSOD is due to a Hardware communication, interrupting between the MB and Windows.
1) Make sure you have no un-happy hardware drivers in your "Device Manager"... No Yellow or Red icon indicators
2) Clean all card/stick edges with rubbing alcohol... And Re-insert cards.
3) Inspect and clean all DATA and Power connections... to your Hardware and MB.
4) Verify all devices CPU/GPU/MB temperatures are with in Normal operating temperatures.
5) Verify your Power Supply 12Vdc has enough current , To operate your Video Card and CPU, at the Performance setting you are using.
6) Test One Part at a time in a known Good Computer.

BSOD are tuff problems too solve... and sometimes takes all those steps I listed to get rid of them... Sometimes it can be simple fix by a BIO Setting/Driver/Software Removal/Preference Settings.

TO PROVE it is the Hardware ( FOR ME ) means installing a Fresh WIN 7 SP1 RAW ISO ( NO UPDATES ) install on a spare Hardrive with just Device Drivers will verify this... If you Blue screen with this, your hardware has a problem communicating with the MB. http://www.w7forums.com/threads/official-windows-7-sp1-...

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