Question Unsolved Random System Shutdowns. Caused by CPU?


Dec 2, 2020
Ok, this is something I have been trying to fix for a solid couple of months now, I think I worked out the problem but it will happen again. Let me explain:

Computer Parts
-Ryzen 5 3600
-XFX RX 580
-MSI B450 Tomahawk
-RM650x Corsair PSU
-WD 500gb M.2 SSD

A few months ago I was playing a game on my computer, I had recently upgraded my PSU as my old CX550 was broken. A couple of hours into the game the computer turned off, no shutdown procedure, just straight power out. Any attempts to turn it back on would result in it turning on (lights + fans) for about 1-5 seconds then turning back off again. I initially thought it was my PSU because it was new but because I did not have to physically reset the switch at the back of the PSU i ruled that out (see link for more details

After a couple of hours I turned it on and it would run for a bit before doing the same thing. I checked all the temperatures and they were all fine. Afterwards I began trouble shooting:
-Reset all Cables from PSU
-Tried different wall outlets
-Switched RAM around
-Removed and Reset CPU
-Ran stress testing on components (it is does not turn off because of high workload, can happen when idling)

After these I still had not figured out the problem and since school holidays had just ended i put the project on hold. I am now in Isolation so I have all the time in the world to try and get it fixed.

I went through and updated my drivers, still kept happening. I could get a couple hours out of the computer before it would shut down, after the first time it would take between 5 seconds and 1 hour of running before it would shut down.

Now, I have just run my PC and it did the "thing again", frustrated and determined to fix this I would pull out the power cable of the GPU and turned the computer on (it turned on briefly before turning off again). I then pulled out the CPU power cable and turned the computer on, although the PC did not fully boot up because the CPU was not powered it did not turn off either.

That leaves me here, I am fairly certain that the issue rests within whatever is powered by the CPU cable (CPU obviously but anthing else?) Here lies my problem what is causing this?????

(Please Help I still got ages in ISO and it would be nice if my computer would work)
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Feb 23, 2022
Had the same problem upgrading to a 3080ti and 5900x, tried voltage offsets, voltage fluctuations, switching ram.... nothing worked and my power supply supports wattage up to 750 and apparently that is enough to support 3080ti but I guess not? Everything had lead me to believe that my PSU is not supplying enough power to my GPU due to random power spikes.

Not sure if that helps but I just bought a new PSU with 1000W and will be testing it tomorrow.