Question "Unsupported Mode" and I cannot fix!

Sep 4, 2022
I have just created a new installation of windows on a used pc I've bought (Optiplex 7010), it came without hard drives. Installed those. It runs which is nice, and I installed the windows, however, I cannot complete the create user creation due to it saying "unsupported mode". I've tried booting into safe mode, no luck. It runs the BIOS just fine, and I've tried the command prompt method too.. I can't do anything in it due to not downloading a program.. "Qres"? I couldn't install it anyway. I've also created a bootable USB with Rufus and that still does nothing. There's no way I can get into an option to change the resolution. I assume that it DOES boot windows, however that's when it immediately cuts me off. Is there ANYTHING I can do to fix this problem? It's making me want to tear my hair out. I'm still new to fixing computers and all, so it may take a little explaining. (P.S, I'm using my tv as a monitor which is an element flat screen, it's small (i'm not sure what the dimensions are), with VGA.)