Question Upgrade CPU or RAM

Nov 23, 2022
I have
i3 10105 3700MHz not overlocked
H410M H V3
Patriot SK Hynix 2666 2*8 GB
GTX 1050 Ti 4GB
450W PSU
There is an idea to upgrade with i5 10500(10600) or with 2*16GB RAM 3200. I'm not too much of a fan of games (sometimes tanks, skyrim) but 4 or more windows are constantly open +excel. Would any of these options improve PC performance by at least ~10%?
Single thread benchmark advantage of 10500 is under 3 percent.

Multi thread advantage of 10500 is 48 percent

Single thread is likely most important.

10150 is 4 core; 8 thread
10500 is 6 core; 12 thread

Not sure about gaming, but for general browsing and Excel, I wouldn't expect to notice much if any difference.

I have 8 GB RAM and very rarely see my RAM usage at even 5 GB. I use Excel every day.

Do you have any reason to believe you normally use say 13 or 14 GB of your 16 GB RAM? For 5 minutes a day or for 5 hours a day?

I'm sure you could dream up a situation in which the 10500 would have a noticeable advantage due to its higher core count. Not at all sure that would apply to you.

Hard to say at what point you'd find the difference obvious and worthwhile.

I assume you won't be using a stopwatch to time different operations. And I assume something like a new motherboard/CPU combination is not a possibility due to budget.

Do you use any spinning drives?

What specifically is disappointing about current performance?

Do you perform at least some level of standard maintenance?