Question Upgrade for an old AMD A8-6600K based PC

Feb 19, 2021
Hello guys,

I'm currently considering if it's worth upgrading some parts of my 7 years old PC. Here's the list of used components:

CPU: AMD A8-6600K Black Edition
PSU: Seasonic Energy Knight SS-400ET 400W
RAM: 2x4GB Kingston HyperX Beast DDR3 2400 XMP
OS: Windows 10 Pro

I've already put in SSD drive which significantly boosted the whole system up. So far the performance suits my needs for common usage, however sometimes I'd like to play some game as well (mostly Paladins from Hirez). I'm not a hardcore gamer though and I totally understand this build is quite cheap and old for gaming. My goal isn't to be able to play new games with highest graphic settings. However currently I have to play mostly with lowest settings possible :)

I'm considering buying a second hand graphics card - I'm still using the one that's built-in. There are many used cards like HD7870 etc. for reasonable price, is this the way? Think 2GB VRAM with 28nm chip and GDDR5 should be an improvement and should work with my current setup. Of course some cards will require more powerful PSU, I'm aware of that. Have been looking for used RAMs as well, but those 2400 DDR3 are still quite expensive. And going for the GPU, PSU and also RAM upgrade would get me in pricing I would rather consider building everything new from modern components.

So the right question is - is it even worth trying to keep this HW and upgrade it with better GPU or not? :) And if, what is your advice to go for?

Thank you very much.
If you are happy with the performance, yes, use a discrete GPU. A GTX 750Ti , GTX 1050Ti, 1650 super, RX 550, RX 560 are some that would not break the bank (although keep in mind of the inflated prices right now).