[SOLVED] Upgrade graphics card or get an SSD??

Nov 8, 2018
Hi there I’m not exactly the best at understanding how to “upgrade” my desktop as far as in terms of knowing what i should need to upgrade. I run an AMD Fx 8120 8 core with an AMD R9 200 for my gpu. I’m trying to gun high end games like Escape from Tarkovsky and Siege Six and just don’t know how to get rid of the frame spike, loading time that’s godly, and be able to run at higher graphics whiteout as many frame spikes. Any help would be appreciated as I’m not the most informed on this subject.
So a SSD is a great investment, but it won't generally improve your performance, in the way that you think. Let's start with a few basic questions: (1) what is your upgrade budget? (2) Do you live in the US? If other region, then please list website that you plan to purchase components from. (3) Please list full specs and power supply manufacturer and model number. My concern is that your system may be a pre-built and therefore have a limited power supply. Do me a favor and download and run speccy: https://filehippo.com/download_speccy

Then after speccy generates a summary screen, you can take a screen shot of only that active window, but holding the ALT key, while simultaneously pressing the print screen button on your keyboard. If you want to get fancy, you can upload that image to imgur and share the link here in your thread. If that's too much trouble, then you can simply type what the summary states your full specs are.
An SSD will help, A LOT, with load times.

Framerate drops or spikes are something else. Not enough system ram can cause framerate stutter, your CPU getting maxed out by the game can affect framerate, and poor optimization of the game itself can be a cause of such issues.

R9 200 covers a lot of ground. Depending on which exact one you have, your videocard might be the cause.


Not necessarily. If the game is using the CPU to decode level data in a single-threaded manner, the relatively low per-core performance of the FX 8120 might limit any load time improvements that the SSD could provide.


May 23, 2017
A SSD would be a better choice for faster game load times.

an better GPU is not nessesarly at the moment unless the problem is low frame rates in-game or stuttering

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