Question Upgrade of Wi-Fi card in laptop ASUS TUF 505DU

Jun 2, 2020
Hello everyone,

Right now in my ASUS TUF DX505DU there is Realtek 8822BE Wireless LAN 802.11ac PCI-E NIC, but sometimes I experience connection loses and additionally the signal of networks is kinda low.

So I was thinking about upgrading it, as I will open laptop anyway to change thermal paste.

Here's my question: What should I be aware of when buying new Wi-Fi card? I've heard some of cards made by Intel are good, but my processor is AMD so not sure if all of them will be compatibile and work properly.
Do You have any overall good and reliable models that can be recommended?



Win 10 Master
My motherboard has Intel WIFI & LAN but it uses AMD CPU, so you should be fine with Intel.
I would look for a AC2100 or WIFI 6 or AX WIFI adapter as it will be the newest kind and you won't be potentially buying an old chip in a new cover. Many of the cheap ones use older chips that Win 10 is starting to reject.

I don't know any particular models, sorry.