Question Upgrade or hold?


Dec 3, 2010
Will there be anymore CPUs coming out for the AMD 550/570 motherboards? Or was the 5000 series CPUs the last ones before the new socket stuff comes out? I have a B550 motherboard and a 3700x and would like to upgrade to a 5900x but I won't do it if they are going to put another CPU out for the board sometime next year. I tried googling this but the stories seem to suggest two different answers. The 6000 series CPUs are either going to be AM4 or AM5 depending on who is reporting it so I am really confused about whats going to happen next.


I'm quite certainly that short a pointless XT refresh and maybe a fewer lower market CPUs, there's not going to be any more major releases on AM4 boards. But even if they are; if you get value from an upgrade, then why deprive yourself of it for a year? And if you don't need the upgrade, then why get one at all?
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the 3D stacked V-NAND option might be coming out this year, which is allegedly providing an average boost of ~15% over current Ryzen 5000 series in some games/apps...

I doubt your 3700X is a slouch just yet in anything, so, it might not hurt to wait for the 3D NAND 5000 series enhancements this year, but playing devil's advocate, even existing 5900X would should offer an ~18% IPC boost, plus 50% cores/threads, so, you'd know if your workloads will benefit from more cores/threads...
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