[SOLVED] Upgrading after 12 years, Please help me choose the right parts for my new PC

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Jan 19, 2017
Hi Everyone,
Please know that the help you're going to offer means a LOT to me ! really, I appreciate the time and effort you gonna put in this topic :)
I will try to make this topic as clear as possible,
I'm a graphic designer / mechanical engineer and I'm using my current PC since 2009! it's really old but it did it's job through out the past decade
(it was a high end pc back then and it was my architect sister's PC). I never had the chance or the money to buy my own P.C.

Anyway now I do, so now you can imagine how important this is to me, I love to do my research when I'm about to buy anything so I spent the last 3 days watching and reading a ton of infos so that I can choose wisely within my "Budget Limits", I had a good I idea about the market and the technology nowadays.

My main target:
I need a PC that would last as long as possible with me as I'm not likely to upgrade for the next (5-6) years, so a future proof component is a must.

Main use:
1- Graphic Design:
. - Adobe Products ofc Photoshop / Illustrator / After Effects / InDesign / XD etc.
. - Cinema 4d / SolidWorks / AutoCAD.
. - KeyShot

. Also most important thing that I'm intending to expand my experience in 3D field so I will use Corona and Unreal Engine also.

2- Gaming ( as I won't be able to buy the PS5 any sooner) : I Play games like Battlefield / Need for speed / PES / FIFA / RD2 / God of War.

I've divided the components into the normal list.
each section contains the options and the price in Egyptian pound (I live there) and its equivalent in US dollar.
P.s: I shop from this website its has good prices and clean interface with good search filters, so feel free to browse with me (https://www.elnekhelytechnology.com/)

AMD RYZEN 9 3900XT 12-Core 24-Threads------------------------- 8,800 EGP / 559.82 $
AMD RYZEN 9 5900X 12-Core 24-Threads------------------------- 10,200 EGP / 648.89 $ [Update: Chosen]

Question 1: I'm confused between them the only reason I want the 5900X it because its 4th gen which I understand to be better and more future proof, right? but it's quite expensive so is it worth it?

Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2060 OC 6G-----------------------------10,200 EGP / 648.89 $ [Update: Chosen]

The GPUs in Egypt are unbelievably expensive, I already made up my mind on this one as its the most budget friendly , the other option will be Super edition with 8G but I can't seem to find it new here, yet

Question 2: Will this card run the games mentioned earlier in a good manner ALSO and help me with my type of work 3D-2D graphic Design? or should I Get the 2060 super 8Gb at any cost? known that is available but in used condition 5-6 month for 12,000 EGP / 763.85$ should get one or is it risky?

ASUS X570-P PRIME ARGB ATX----------------------------- 3,300 EGP / 209.93 $ [Update: Chosen]
GIGABYTE X570 UD AM4 AMD ----------------------------- 3,150 EGP / 200.39 $

OMG it took my hours to decide which motherboard is good for my built, there are plethora of boards out there, anyway I want a future proof board with a price that doesn't exceed 3000 EGP but I only found that options in B550 which doesn't support the 4th gen of ryzen so I narrowed down to these two.

Question 3: Which one is better? am I right about that decision, preferring the X570 to B550?

Corsair VENGEANCE LPX 16GB 3200MHz Cl16 DDR4 Memory -----------------------------1,600 EGP / 101.79 $ [Update: Chosen]
Kingston HyperX Predator DDR4 16GB 3200MHz Cl16 Gaming Memory------------------- 1,600 EGP / 101.79 $

I will grab a pair of them to get 32Gb in total, I just went with the Crosair because I read it has a better cooling due to its body material, any way

Update: Why corsair? its 30 mm Heigh the Kingston is over 40 mm, so corsair is shorter leaving more room for the NH-D15 Cooler, Plus it has aluminum cover that means better cooling, though they may never get high temperature

Question 4: Same price, same specs which is better?

Gigabyte C200 GLASS RGB Mid Tower Case------------------------- 800 EGP / 50.89 $ [Update: replaced with mesh case for better AF]
Lian Li - Lancool II Mesh RGB ---------------------------------------------1,800 EGP / 116.8 $ [Update: Chosen]

Question 5: its a Mid Tower case would that be a problem in the general cooling of the built? Should I get case fans?

Samsung 970 Evo Plus 250GB NVMe M.2 PCIe Gen 3.0 x 4, NVMe 1.3-----------------------------1,200 EGP / 76.39 $ [Update: Chosen]
Samsung 970 Evo Plus 500GB NVMe M.2 PCIe Gen 3.0 x 4, NVMe 1.3-----------------------------1,900 EGP / 120.94 $
Seagate Barracuda 2TB 7200 RPM SATA HDD ----------------------------------------------------------1,100 EGP / 70 $

When it comes to storage its a mess, I really don't know what comb will work best for me, what I know is that I will need a 2 TB space (1 Tb for graphic resources and software + 1 Tb for personal data, games, etc)
I choose the HDD for the 2tb storage because I don't want to live with the fear of the SSD lifetime and its sudden death, I think HDD will live longer as long as its protected as my current WD lived for almost 12yrs,
Question 6: is that right thinking? of should I get a SSD for storage instead?

The reason for the additional PCIe NVMe is for the OS, a 250 will be just fine for me for an OS, so why the 500 option? that's because of the gaming issue, where should I install my games will decide which of these two spaces (250 or 500 Gb) should I get, I read that installing a game on the NMVe SSD should work better but it will shorten the lifetime of the SSD due to heating and write/read times, so
Question 7: What should I do about this mess ?

Other Components

EVGA BR 500W 80 Plus Bronze Power Supply------------------------- 850 EGP / 54 $ [Update: Low quality, replaced with 80+ 650Watt]
Cooler Master MWE 650W 80 PLUS Gold V2 Full Modular---------2000 EGP / 130 $ [Update: Chosen]

I used online calculators to estimate the wattage I'm going to need, and I guess 80+ bronze is fine, right?
Question 8: is this one good or not ?

Deepcool GAMMAXX L120 V2 RGB CPU Liquid Coolers----------950 EGP / 60.44 $
[or Air]
Cooler Master Hyper 212 LED Turbo Cpu Cooler-------------------750 EGP / 47.71 $
Deepcool GAMMAXX 400 PRO Cpu Cooler------------------------- 650 EGP / 41.35 $

I watched a lot of videos to decide but still can't
Question 9: Which one is better? will this single fanned AIO be as good as the Hyper 212?

Updated: chosen the NH-D15 though its exoensive but it turned out its a must due to the ryzen 5900x TDP

Noctua NH D15 Chromax.Black--------------------2,200 EGP / 143 $ [Update:Chosen]


I have no clue at all! honestly I can't decide which one is good for me,don't laugh at this but I have this LG 21 inch flatron w2234s and this monitor has a very correct color! as a graphic designer this is crucial to me
even a little bit of tone shift or a low contrast can blow the whole thing for me, I've seen a lot of monitors and this monitor is very accurate though its very old.
so basically I need a very accurate monitor with a very good contrast and a detailed menue so I can change the profiles and customize them. Also size matters, I need it to be big
so that I don't suffer with menus and timeline in AE or 3D programs also for multitasking, so we're talking curved 32 inch because 27 inch wouldn't be so great right?

the budget is limited by 6,000 EGP / 381 $, and the market options can be found on these shops:

Also I found this one but honestly the red color will be much of distraction for me while designing

Question 10: What do you recommend?

This will be everything, Please answer the questions you know the best in a corresponding numbers to my question,
Also Please keep in mind that this is a huge deal for me as I work a full time freelancer so I'll spend most of my day on this PC, and I really appreciate all the time and the effort you're putting in this,
Thank you. :)
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For cad work, yes I would say the 5900x is worth it.

I agree that a 2060 is a fine 1080p card.

B550 supports 4th gen Ryzen. This would be my pick, as I have one in my secondary rig. https://www.elnekhelytechnology.com...board-chipset,amd-b550&sort=p.price&order=ASC

Ram, I would just get a 2x16gb kit, from the start. DDR4 3600 CL16 is the sweet spot for 3rd and 4th gen ryzen. Looking at prices, this is the best one I see. https://www.elnekhelytechnology.com...,6f-ram-speed[3600mhz]&sort=p.price&order=ASC...


Jan 19, 2017
I live in EU (Estonia) and while the power grid here is really good, blackouts can still happen. Random ones 1-2 times a year, while scheduled ones 2-3 times a year (i get a notification, one week in advance, when power in my area is gone due to maintenance and for how long). Despite we having a good power grid, it isn't 100% fault proof. And due to that, i bought UPSes as well. UPSes, good ones, doesn't come cheap in this part of the world either. I had to fork out €230.10 EUR, per UPS (4202.19 EGP). But it's just a small fraction of what my PC costed. :sweatsmile:

When you've popped a topic in TH about your monitor, let me know and i can join you there as well. ;)

BTW I'd love to see your PC specs :giggle:

I've just posted it here :geek:


BTW I'd love to see your PC specs :giggle:

You can access all 3 of my PC specs from my signature. Hosted in the builds.gg site.
I also have them listed in pcpartpicker site, where purchase prices of each component are listed as well + total cost of each build;
Skylake - https://fr.pcpartpicker.com/b/bd9J7P
Haswell - https://fr.pcpartpicker.com/b/RRvnTW
AMD - https://fr.pcpartpicker.com/b/2Y9J7P

I like the pcpp site more since it has better readability. Builds.gg is newer with all their expandable site parts (build updates).