Upgrading computer, kept case + PSU, problems


Dec 26, 2012
Hi all,

So recently I received some new hardware for my computer including:

-New motherboard
-new Cpu
-New GPU
-8gb RAM

I have a few questions about putting it all back together

The case is an ATX Mid tower and fit my old motherboard fine, as it was a mini model. Because of this, it only had 6 gold spacers, 2 of which couldn't be used on the new motherboard because it was larger. So i'm left with 4 of the spacers only to support the new motherboard. Do i need to move the spacers and use all of them or is using 4 ok to keep the board from short-circuiting?

The GPU which is a GTX 660 is a pretty large card. as i tried putting it in to the pci express 3.0 slot, it wouldn't fit because the hard drive was level with the card and got in the way of it. There is an extra fan behind said hard drive, making it stick out a bit. The entire system is running on 600w. should I keep the fan there or just take it out of the system completely?