Question Upgrading from 8 year old build (i7 3770K) - Need Help!


Oct 27, 2008

I've been out of the game with hardware for quite some time now thus asking for the advise. Looking for best build for the $ to replace my good old 3770K. I've always respected tomshardware forum so in advance thank you for your input!

Long story short:

Since the beginning I've been with Intel but for this build I think I want to go team red (not only because performance wise they got better but $ also).

Budget is tight so I'm trying to squeeze most of out the buck. I don't really care much about i.e: 5 degrees Celsius difference or minor FPS improvement. Performance to $ ratio (ROI) needs to be there. But if I would have to give you the number we are looking $900 +-

Would like to reduce noise to the minimum since I'm planing to place the case on the table.

Currently using 34 inch LG monitor (3440x1440) just fyi.

Not really interested in OCing anymore and not interested much in RGB theme.

Use for this build is a mix of:
  • "light" gaming i.e: csgo, gta5, witcher bf4 - nothing crazy
  • work mostly email, ssh, visio, slack etc.. so nothing intense
  • 1080/4K drone footage editing as a hobby(powerDirector) - I've done 4K footage editing on my current setup and I didn't really complain but thought I'll mention it.

So Far Build(as of 3/27/2020):

  • CPU: Ryzen 5 3600 @ $160 (can't beat microcenter) - thoughts?
  • HSF: Not sure if I should go with stock or beQuiet (Rock Slim) or Noctua (nh-u12a) so for the sake @ $65.I don't trust AIO since once I had a leak and it fried my GPU so... - Thoughts ?
  • MOBO: Gigabyte B450 AORUS M @ $65 (microcenter) - I've also considered ASRock B450M PRO4 which would be $5 less than AORUS but my 8 year old rig is running on Gigabyte and I've never had issues with it. Also I don't see PCIE 4.0 to be huge at this point so I think B450 is solid - What do you think?
  • MEM: Don't really care much since no OCing so i.e: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16 GB 2400 @ 68 (newegg). Any other company you would recommend?
  • STORAGE: I've heard good reviews about Samsung 970 Evo 500 GB M.2-2280 NVME @ $100. Don't really need 500GB since 256 is plenty but $20 difference between 256<>500 is no brainier imho thoughts?! I have spare spinning for data so we good there.
  • GPU: Tough one for me - undecided. Currently running on rx 480 and had nothing but problems (drivers etc). I don't know if I should just go back to team green on this one. Perhaps 2060S or 2070S? Need to do more research if 2070s is worth it that extra $100 +-
  • CASE: I want to go mATX and I have two on my mind: Corsair Crystal 280X @ $95 (non RGB) or NZXT H510 @ 70 - Anyone with one of these cases that could share your opinion? I love the isolation for the PSU and cable management.
  • PSU: Another tough one for me. Estimate Wattage with this setup is at around 321W (estimated with 2060S). Primarily it needs to be as quite at possible and would like it to be modular (less cable mess). Was looking at beQuiet PSUs but again I would love to hear your opinion on this one. For the sake I've looked at EVGA SuperNOVA @ $80 ($20 rebate).
That being said rough total so far: $608‬ (without GPU)?!

Trying to see how can this be optimized and of course your opinion matters!

Constructive criticism is welcomed.