Question Upgrading i5 6600k


Sep 18, 2012
Hi all.

Planning to upgrade my 6600k ( 4.5GHz ) to Ryzen 3700x or 3600/3600x with Asus Crosshair VIII Hero.
Everywhere in reviews people always say "multi threaded applications" and all that... what is "multi threaded application"?

I'm looking for CPU for few years to game on. I use 2 monitors, usually one "main" game on main screen and some clicker game on 2nd screen, spotify playing, might be watching YouTube / Netflix on one of few open tabs in chrome...

Would that be classed as multi threaded???

My 6600k stutters at times when moving between games / youtube or netflix, would 3700x fix that?
I don't render, blender and anything like that.
Would like to overclock it hence Hero board.
Pairing it with 5700 XT or 2070 super... [2080 super if price is good] ( 1060 6gb at the moment... )

Any advice would be appreciated


Honestly, the usage for "multi-threaded" can vary widely. But the technical meaning for multi-thread is that a program can utilize more than one CPU core.

Basically every single program now can utilize more than one CPU core, so everything is mutlithreaded these days.

Yes a 3700X would fix that, I used to have a 4690K and it wasn't enough for gaming and multitasking at the same time, I would get stutters like you would.

Honestly, a 3600 would also fit you perfectly. But the 3700X will last a bit longer.

The Asus Crosshair VIII Hero is quite overkill and stupid expensive for what you get, I'd recommend going with a cheaper board. Or even an X470 Crosshair if you like Crosshairs that much. If you do go with an X570 Crosshair VIII, get at least the 3700X so that you at least get a bit more of your monies worth out of that motherboard.

And I don't recommend overclocking 3rd Gen Ryzen. Unless you use AMD's PBO overclocking feature. Look at 3rd Gen Ryzen reviews to understand why.