Upgrading massively, should I reformat?

Currently I am running an AMD Phenom 955 on an msi 875 GM board, 1 x pcie slot got a gtx 470 and 4 gbs of corsair cl8 ram installed with a 450 watt power supply and a 450 watt additional supply that goes in the bay and powers the graphics card. I have opted to buy and will be receiving my new i7 2600k, P67 Evga FTW board, 8 gbs of 1600 Ram cl8 corsair vengence, and a new 700 watt power supply. Reasons for the upgrade were that I wanted to get more for my money, my 955 only hit 3.8 stable and on my old p4 i was clocking from 3.2 to 4.4 so I know intel has the headroom and the architecture to support high overclocks especially the thermal headroom. Starcraft 2 and crysis sometimes lag when high data computations occur, and I wanted the ability to go SLI with my 470s, but didnt see a reason to go buy another amd board with sli so I took the best and most efficient route and got the intel way.

Now going from AMD and to Intel with a new MB should I reformat my PC and reinstall a clean windows with the new hardware, basically as if it were a brand new system and I was installing the OS for the first time so no AMD/Intel cpu MB driver issues occur?


Sep 12, 2011
You should get a Z68 mobo cus they allow a lot of overclocking functionality and get a AZZA case ,they're cheap with lots of bright fancy leds while maintaning good airflow and spacious area. AZZA Toledo 30i is 60 bucks with 1 250mm fan and 4 120 mm fans.
I want to have the 2600k, I I dont really care about the z68 plus this way I can tri sli 470s when the time comes, with a sli board I can only do 2 I buy one more and expandability is over for me...not my cup of tea. Anyways I read that the NZXT lexa S will fit not "Officialy" fitting but when you put it in it fits, and it is 68 bucks, im dead set on my purchase and just want to find a cheap case with decent cooling, dont need to worry about water cooling as I Dont plan to dump any more money into my rig for at least a full year