Upgrading... What is better


Nov 5, 2003
i'm primarily a console gamer but my friends have gotten me hooked on counter-strike. i have a old p2 350MHz with 8MB ati rage vid card so i only get around 15fps. i know it would be better if i just got a new computer but i don't have enough money. i got like $70 to spare and that is around what a decent pci vid card costs. i can only get a pci vid card cuz the 8MB ati one is built onto the motherboard's only agp slot and is nonremovable. what card will give me more bang (more fps) for my buck a 64MB geforce2 mx card for $40 or a 128MB geforce fx 5200 card for $60? and does more vid ram matter? cuz 32MB geforce2 mx are like $20 and i'll get that if there isn't much performance increase between that and the other two cards...


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Just don't get an MX200. The MX400 is the newer version of the original MX, while the MX200 is a cut down version with half the memory bandwidth.

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Oct 20, 2003
if u want to play CS its your in game settings that are lagging you not your computer.

try this

fps_max 99
hud_draw 0
cl_updaterate 30

and there are 1 million more things you can do to get the frame rate up

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