Question upload speeds drop to 0 but downloads are fine?


Mar 18, 2015
so very frequently when im using the internet at my home the internet renders itself disconnected but upon further experimentation ive noticed my download speed stays constant and downloading/receiving data is completely stable and works just fine but my upload speed completely disconnects. so i discovered this by being in a skype call and when these sudden "disconnects" would happen the other party couldnt hear what i was saying and i could hear them perfectly fine. but of course my video game dropped out because it needs to receive data from me in order to keep a stable connection. i cannot find a reason for this kind of behavior and i can't find anything in forums at all so here i am asking if anyone can help me. comcast seems to act like im lying when i tell them this and constantly hangs up on me (filing a complaint with the better business bureau as well over this)
You are likely getting errors and/or data loss on the upload side. You may not be able to see it easily from your end. Download rate to some extent is affected by upload rates but it is pretty much only sending back acknowledgements which are tiny packets.

If you have a cable modem there should be a screen someplace that shows the signal levels. Look those up and see if the levels are ok.

I would see if a ping command can detect it. Leave a constant ping run to some common ip like
If you see errors then try to get ping both to your router ip and the ISP first router. It should be hop 2 if you use tracert

What you hope to see is no loss to your router and loss to the ISP router. You should be able to call the ISP and get them to fix it. This would reduce the turn your pc on and off crap they do since it pretty clearly says you have to issues with your pc or router but past that you see problems.