Question USB and BIOS not working

Nov 14, 2021
I just finished building my first pc yesterday with Asrock's b550 phantom gaming 4 and everything started up just fine. I hooked it up to my monitor through the motherboard's hdmi since I still have yet to find a gpu, but when I turned the pc on it just displayed a black screen with a small white bar that looks like the one in windows command prompt. I tried hooking up a keyboard to manually boot to BIOS but none of the usb ports ended up sending any power out to the keyboard. I'm using a Ryzen 5 5600g processor so it has integrated graphics, but I can't figure out how to get to bios and how to fix my usb ports
Reset CMOS?

Since it's a new-build it could be any number of things wrong.

Go through all connections, double check they are tight and proper.

Check motherboard stand-offs that they are all there and in proper position.

Double-triple check memory DIMM's, in correct slots and fully inserted.

Double-triple check CPU installation: no bent pins, cooler evenly tightened in place.

Pretty much the usual things: