Question USB-C to DP, windows does not detect monitor

Sep 2, 2020
Hi guys I recently bought a ASUS VP249QGR monitor ( ) and I want to connect it to my laptop, an asus ROG Strix G17 G712LW-EV002T ( )

But to use the 144 hz capabilities of the monitor I need to connect it to through displayport. So I bought a usb C to DP cable. But as the title mentioned, windows does not detect the monitor. I don't understand why. The usb C 3.2 port of my laptop should support displayport. Is it because I bought the wrong cable or maybe software issues? This it the cable I use:

Can anyone help? Thanks

edit: also found this thread, one guy at the bottom bought a 8k usb c to dp cable and that worked for him, but shouldn't a normal 4k cable like I have work? Here's the thread:
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