Question USB port not working (Device Manager does not fix)


Aug 26, 2012
I've been dealing with this for a few years now, coming back to the problem and trying to correct it. I've already tried uninstalling the driver in the device manager but it did not fix my issue.

So here it goes...

I bought some fast charge 3.0 USB (5Gbps/3A) type-A to type-C cables from amazon, and used them on two of my USB ports on my laptop. Now I can no longer use 2.0 USB devices but I can still use 3.0 USB devices in those two ports. I have torn apart the laptop and don't see any damage to the circuit board, nor do I see any damage inside the port. I would think since the port still reads 3.0 USB devices it did not get fried anyways. The only thing that was plugged into the cable while connected to my computer was my phone. The phone did not get damaged, and I can still charge the phone through these bad ports, although the fast charge doesn't seem to work (probably because the cable is a 3.0 USB). The cable seems to be finicky while plugged into my phone, since type-C's are able to be flipped, I've tried both sides and the results vary quite a bit. sometimes it says the connection is incomplete for both sides, sometimes it's only one side and occasionally it's able to get a data connection and ask what type of device I want the phone to act as. This might not be as pertinent to my computer port problem, since it's the end that connects to the phone, but I like to give details.

I'm hoping someone has some intel to offer that could fix this solution.



Jan 19, 2004
I assume you have already tried a few different cables and USB devices.

USB3 data lines and USB2 data lines are separate wires in the cable and in the host controller chipset.

It is fairly easy to blow up one set of wires and have the other set still work (the I/O ports inside the host controller silicon chip get fried).

There is no fixing this via software and the damage is generally invisible to the naked eye. The chip probably needs replacing, but in this day and age, rather than replace the $10 chip they'll need to replace the ~$200 motherboard.