Question USB port witchcraft

Dec 10, 2019
I'm having this issue where every once in a while my PC won't power on at all, like as if the PSU is disconnected from the wall entirely. I've come to notice this depends on what I have in my USB ports, at first removing my external drive solved it, but today I had to disconnect everything leaving only my PSU cable connected just to get power to my PC. When I reconnected everything I noticed both of my audio devices were not getting power. I unplugged both, plugged one in, it powered up, and when I went to connect my second audio device to my MB USB port, I immediately lost power to the first device and of course wasn't getting any power to the second. Now no matter what port I connect my second audio device into it does not get power from my PC. Sorry I know this is more like three problems but I need help, the audio devices are my presonus audiobox 96 audio interface and my astro A40 usb headset, thanks.

asrock z-390 phantom gaming 4-cb
2x8gb ddr4 3000mhz ram
gtx 1660 ti



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