USB Ports fail when Using InstantBoot


Dec 2, 2002
I have put together my new system, and it runs great. Except for one detail. If I turn on the AsRock InstantBoot feature, the USB ports are dead. If I don't use InstantBoot, the USB ports are fine.

System specs : AsRock X79 Extreme 4 mobo, 8Gb Crucial Ballistix, i7 3820 cpu, HD7950 3Gb gfx, OCZ Vertex 4 128Gb, 950W Powercool PSU, 500Gb Samsung HDD, Windows 7 Pro 64bit.

I'm not sure, but the InstantBoot seems to work a bit like hibernation. The Event Viewer shows nothing. I have USB mouse and keyboard, so I cant check what is happening at the time, I have to power off, and back on again, and then it works. When the InstantBoot feature works, it starts up in 8 seconds. Or should I just leave InstantBoot off ? Seems a shame, if it's there I'd like to use it, but if it keeps playing up there's no point.

Sounds like the USB devices are being powered down and not being powered back on or waking up.
I had a BIOS with a EU setting that actually cut the power to the usb devices on sleep. Kind of made it hard wot wake a computer with a USB keyboard.

you could schedule a task at logon to run powercfg.exe /energy
or any other powercfg options and generate a report that you can look at after you reboot again and get you keyboard back