Question USB ports not working properly / thunderbolt works fine

May 16, 2019
Hi, I bought a brand new laptop (Asus Rog GL504GM Hero ii). The thunderbolt usb is recognizing all devices, like usb headset (hyperx cloud 2), smartphone device and all high powered devices. But the other 2.0 usb ports are not working fine, like small devices are working fine such as mouse. Devices like smartphone and usb headset show that they are being powered but not properly. I connected my Samsung Galaxy S8, it says: "Check your cable connection", also it doesn't allow me to transfer files even though the usb debugging is enabled. Same goes with the HyperX cloud 2 (usb headset), whenever connected, it doesn't show that its connected on the laptop but it does light the hyperx logo in the external sound card it has.

Not sure what the issue here is but I tried almost everything. The laptop is brand new so there shouldn't be a problem. Seems like apart from the thunderbolt port, the rest of the ports are providing low power. Any fix please?


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