USB transfer between 2 computers


Oct 4, 2012
I have a large folder I need to back up and the only way to do it is by USB. How would I do that between my new laptop and my old computer? It is like almost 100GB so it way too much to burn to a disk and about the only way to back it up is USB transfer. How would I accomplish this on Windows 7?


Dec 17, 2012
You could do it over a network if you would like.

Hook both computers up to your home network via WiFi or ethernet and make sure you enable file sharing.

You can do that by navigating to the folder you wish to share on your old pc, right clicking on it and going down the list to properties. In the properties window, click the sharing tab. Click share, then when the window pops up, open the drop down menu and select "share with everyone." This will allow you to access that folder from any computer on the network.

Next, go to your new pc. Open a computer window and on the left hand side there should be a network option. Click it. It should show the other computer on the network - if you double click on it, you can then navigate to the folder you want a copy of and drag and drop it to a location on your new pc.

Remember to go back to your old pc after and disable sharing of that folder or else anyone can access it who happens to be logged in to your network.


Or, if you have about $100 you could always go buy an external USB hard drive to use for the transfer. You could even return it after if you feel like being really cheap - just make sure you keep the packaging and receipt.


Or, you could but a SATA to USB cable. Remove the hard drive from your old pc and connect it to the new one using the cable. It should pop up under computer and you would be able to copy the folder directly to the hard drive of the new pc.


Sep 26, 2012
You could set up a network and transfer it that way (The time will depend on your internet connection speed) so probably not the best route to go and could take about 50 hours where you would not be able to use your internet at full speed.

The best way is to use an External Hard Drive (It is simply a regular mechanical hard drive encased). This will allow you to transfer the 100gb files in an average of 7 hours (depending on the type of harddrive, 5400rpm/7200rpm, etc)

I would strongly suggest that you invest in one to backup all your files, you never know when your computer might crash, lose files, etc.

This is a 1tb seagate External Hard Drive
both Seagate and Western Digital (Hard Drive Manufacturers) have sales every week.

You should look for a 1 tb External for $59ish. Don't overpay!

I suggest - check it daily and you will find one this week

I forgot to mention, if moving 100gb of files is something that you do like once a month/year then a USB 2.0 hard drive will save you some money.
But if you're like some people who transfer huge files everyday (5/15gb multiple of files each day) then go with a USB 3.0 (It's much faster but also slightly more expensive, like $10-$20 more)