Use Win8 key from laptop bios to install Windows 10 on desktop


Aug 25, 2016
How could I use the Windows 8 CD key in my HP pavilion 11 x360 to install and activate Windows 10 home on my desktop?

My fiancees desktop needed to be reinstalled so I downloaded the Win10 iso from Microsoft and made an install USB.
Since the install promoted me for a product key I just ran ProduKey on an old HP laptop with shipped with Windows 8 and I since before had upgraded to Windows 10.
I wrote down the key for Windows 8 stored in the bios and used it during the install.
It got both accepted and activated.

How was this possible?


what key had been used on her desktop before? If it had Win 10 on it already, all you should have done is click "I don't have a key" and win 10 would have continued install and reactivated itself. Activation info about win 10 computers is stored on Microsoft servers, it would have confirmed that machine had a win 10 key already.

Its possible the key you entered was just ignored once PC got the desktop.