Question Using additional different GPU to run monitor ?


Nov 30, 2013
This is probably something I won't be able to get working but thought I'd try and ask.

I've got a 2070s and I'd like to get my old QNIX QX2710 working again but it is Dual Link DVI ONLY. This 2070s only has 3 x DP and 1 x HDMI. I've tried a myriad of cables and adapters but nothing works.

Today I tried to use a 2nd different GPU. First I tried a Radeon HD 7450 I had, this worked to a degree. The monitor came online at 1440p and looked good, but as soon as I run anything remotely intensive such as a youtube video, it goes to 10fps and even lags the rest of the monitors connected to the 2070s. It also lags games such as GTA V. As soon as I unplug the monitor the rendering issue goes away.

I then tried a GT430 I have, but I couldn't get the system to have both drivers for the GT430 and 2070s

I'm guessing this is not a possible solution, but asking in case there is anything else I might not have tried ?


Since you didn't mention the cables/adapters used, did you use active adapters? Might want to list the cables/adapters you've used so we can rule out the issue being the cable and not the method of connectivity. That being said, I think you shouldn't be using two different graphics cards even with two different series of cards from the same camp. I had to look through the www to find the monitor and it looks like a cheaper version of Samsung's premium lineups at the time. Oddly enough it also has a compatibility list. I say odd, since you're only requirement for a panel is that you meet it's input port, not the GPU itself, meaning if the GPU had a Dual Link DVI port, you're good to go.