Question Using an AP/Extender to Create Personal Network

Aug 24, 2019
There are only eight of us renting in my building. We share cable and WiFi, along with all utilities, in our base rent. I get good speeds from the extender in the hall, but I use so many devices that at times it drops connection for others. I had thought that if I created a personal network for all my devices, I could connect just once to the extender, maybe even with Ethernet.
I have an Opticover extender which I had tried to daisychain on the Netgeat extender in the hall, but without success.
I don't need step-bt-step instructions, necessarily, but some basic ideas of what will work and what won't, and why, might be useful. I don't know why *_EXT_EXT doesn't work as a repeating signal, for one.
Any help would be appreciated.
You could get it to work if you hook a second AP/extender to the first with a ethernet cable. I would use different SSID just to make things more clear what you connect to.

Extenders are a hack in the first place. The wifi connection to the main router is encrypted and part of the encryption key is mac address. To pass mulitple mac addresses over the connection they use a non standard field called WDS. None of this is part of the standard but over the years the manufactures all do it the same.

Extending a extender is something that is even more non standard.