Question Using an external recorder with a Zoom H1


Aug 3, 2015
I have a sony a6000 which does not have mic input and therefore requires an external microphone. I am therefore thinking of getting a Zoom H1 as the external recorder and then using a lapel mic.

My question is how much of a difference does it make using a lapel mic with the Zoom H1 as opposed to using a phone for example. Obviously the audio is recorded through the lapel mic in both instances so what effect do the Zoom H1 and the phone have on the recording?

I am very very new to audio stuff so excuse my ignorance. Also this thread category is the closest one I could find. Apologies if it is posted in the wrong place :/

Thank you in advance for any responses


I don't personally own the camera but I do know a thing or two about audio. If I may ask, what sort of tasks will you be taxing the mic for the camera? You could look at top mounted mics that are shotgun variants or stereo depending on which model you look at. That could be an option if you want to capture the audio akin to vloggers. While you could also look at the Zoom H1 as a means of being an audio capture device both atop the camera or from distance, being carried around by another individual stand alone to the camera.