Question Using an RTX passively through iGPU


Jan 21, 2015
I have a graphics card in a second PC which has a weird fault. This fault relates to the actual display output.

If I use ANY of the ports on the card (3 x DP, 1 x HDMI) then I get mouse lag / screen artefacts in certain apps / windows.

If I connect the displays to the iGPU, everything is nice and sharp and smooth. I can even then go into Graphics settings, set my games (or even the previously "glitchy" apps) to "High Performance Adapter" and everything is great.

There's 3 issues with this config though.

1. It's an RTX 2080ti. So, I'm losing Gsync by not being directly connected to the nVidia card.

2. I need to add every game/app via Graphics Settings > Preferred Adapter.. and this is a clunky process.

3. I am losing about 2 or 3 fps by not being directly connected to the nVidia GPU - but this is not a problem seeing as it's a 9700k paired with an RTX 2080ti.

So my questions are as follows:

a) Does anybody know of an easier way to either default every app/game to use the "High Performance" GPU, or, a quicker/easier way of adding the app to that list?

b) Or, does anyone wanna buy a 7 month old RTX 2080Ti , for 60% retail price, that only works properly when passive to the iGPU? haha!

Please, I don't want to get into a debate over "the card is bust, it will only get worse" or "Why aren't you returning it?"

I'm not returning it because the manufacturer refuses to RMA to the end seller, they told me I have to go to the retailer, but the retailer has since vanished. It was a brand new, sealed unit in January this year and worked flawlessly until about a month ago. I guess I got unlucky


Can you give an example of frame rates in a game or benchmark using the igpu? afaik, the gpu does not route video through the igpu, ever..Laptops yes because they're designed that way but not desktops. I'm intrigued to see numbers because that 2080Ti should be 100X better than that igpu.

Where did you get drivers from for the 2080Ti?