Using older GPUs simultainiously alongside newer ones

Jan 26, 2019
Can I use my older graphics card to supplement the performance of my newer one, or at least take some load off of it? I just upgraded from an R9-380 to an RX-580, and I was wondering if I could use both at once? For example, run my main monitor and games with the 580 and other monitors with the 380, potentially taking some small load off of the gaming-dedicated GPU, or perhaps somehow slaving the 380 to the 580, designating specific tasks (like processing anti-aliasing) to the 380 to lighten the load on the 580. I guess, in summary, I am asking whether or not I can use these two GPUs together, and if so, in what way and to what benefit?

My PSU is 750W, so I can definitely drive both cards. Also, in case system stats matter for any specific dual-GPU idea, I have 16GB of DDR3 and an AMD FX-8350, 8-core, 4GHz. If there is CPU intensive processing that would need to occur to get the GPUs to work together, I can probably make it happen. Anyone have any ideas as to what cool or useful things I could do with my older card?


While you can use it to drive additional displays (and only that, no hybrid linking), it likely wouldnt impact performance.
If anything, you would be drawing so much power and creating additional heat that you could probably OC the single card to better performance on its own.