Using second ethernet port as VPN

Feb 5, 2019
Hi. I have an EVGA z170 mb that has an intel ethernet port as well as a killer port. At the moment the killer port is disable and I rely on the intel port for network connectivity. I use a vpn for some programs and not for others like gaming. Its kind of a pain to turn the vpn on and off depending on what im doing at the moment so I was wondering if its possible to set up the vpn on the killer port and point the programs i want under the vpn to that port while all other traffic is routed through the intel port. I have an ASUS router that does not allow different networks. I was fooling around with this and got stuck on being able to split the two ports into two different network connections in Windows 10. Does anyone know if this is possible without a second router? Thank you :)
You do not need 2 nic cards to do that. To some extent it depends on the vpn client. Some have setting that allow traffic to run what is called split tunnel. You can set what traffic goes through the tunnel and what goes direct.

It is all destination ip address based not by program. There are programs like forcebindip but it can be very unstable at times. It does not always work with VPN clients. It is going to be easier to try to get a list of ip addresses and configure the vpn client.

If the client does not have the ability all it is doing behind the covers is using the route command. You can do it your self. You would set the route for the path you want the majority of the traffic to take. Most times the vpn client puts one in to use the vpn so you would have to delete that one and add the real internet if that is your goal.

The most difficult part is getting the lists of ip addresses to use the non default connection. It works best when the list is small like for a game company or maybe netflix. I force netflix to go directly and the rest of the traffic to use my vpn.....I am doing the vpn in my router but it works very similar.