Question Using two internet connections simultaneously ?


Mar 9, 2020
hi so i have two internet connections, one of which has really good download speed and no limit to how much i use it.
The other one has insane ping and upload speed but limited traffic usage.
i want to use both of them simultaneously one for downloading stuff and one only for my games, is there a program which i could use for this purpose ?
help plz



Just to be clear: you are paying two ISP's for internet connectivity - correct?

And thus have two modems, and two routers. Each pair serving a separate network in your residence. (Or perhaps via a combined modem/router in one or both of those internet connections.

Who are the respective ISP's and what are the respective download and upload speeds. What ping times are you seeing?

You need to quantify the values - could well be that the current performance is already as best you will get.

Make and model information for modems and routers?
Too many details to say for sure. The exact implementation is going to depend on how you are hooking things up.

If you work at is hard enough you can use 2 different ISP at the same time. This tends to be very messy and requires you know a lot about your traffic. Your problem is you have to tell your computer what "downloading stuff" and what "games" mean.

This is done by putting in lists of ip addresses telling the machine which connection to use. It can be extremely tedious if you get too much. What works best is to say everything goes to internet X except for this list of IP. You have to be careful to find all the IP. Lets say you wanted to use WOW. You would have to get their main battlenet servers as well as the actual world servers. If the traffic accidentally used connection 1 for some of the server and connection 2 for the others they would likely detect that as hacking.

I would start by looking at the ROUTE command. This is what does all the work but exactly where you send it to depends on how you manage to get both internet connection connected to a single machine.


Oct 6, 2011
That's pretty advanced. What type of router/switching hardware do you have? Like bill said, you can set routes and send traffic destined for certain IPs or ports, etc. out one interface and traffic for stuff like downloads out the other interface (the no data cap int).

All on the same PC right? The easy way to do this would be to just plug in to the low latency connection while gaming and then swap to the no cap one when not. The "best practices" way would be to define routes in your router. There's no pc program that I know of that does this, it's a routing/switching thing.
There is a old problem called forcebindip but it only works in certain conditions and microsoft seem to break it with major patches and it takes a while for them to fix it. The largest issue is things like chrome and many other programs are not one single process id any more. You will also see game programs open other processes for example when you move from say a lobby are to a actual match. This program is extremely old back in the days when a program ran a single process and many times only on a single cpu core.

Even though it is painful you are much better off using the route command.