Various issues when using nVidia 3D surround on 3 monitors.


Nov 30, 2013
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I just got my third 23" monitor from a friend and have setup nVidia Surround but with the couple of issues im having it seems not worth it.
Im using a Asus GTX 670. I notice that Some programs don't fullscreen properly namely being Chrome. It has about 3mm gap all the way around the edges and has distorted graphics in those edges. Also sometimes chrome and steam flicker when fullscreened over where the task bar should be.
I also liked having a taskbar on all monitors that repeated its self. Not like how nVidia makes it one long giant taskbar (which I have switched off, so it only on the middle screen right now. So i'd rather just use the normal windows 3 monitor settings and not surround. I thought I could overcome the 3 monitor game problem while NOT using surround by making a custom resolution in nVidia Control panel and selecting it but as soon as i put a game in borderless windowed it loses all custom resolutions, and only uses defaults for the monitor size. If there is a way to bypass that then im not going to use Surround at all, If not, well i guess ill just have to live with it. Any Suggestions?

EDIT: I also get various broken menus such as SimCity Launcher and MSI FastBoot, see below

You will need to zoom in.

EDIT2: this is a video showing what the flickering looks like.


Mar 4, 2013
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I know this isn't exactly helpful, but I never experienced those odd issues with surround, and I used 3 different card setups (770 4gb, 970, and 970 sli). However I will say that a BIG reason for me choosing AMD over Nvidia was the way their multi monitor support works, I find it so much easier to use that I simply switch between eyefinity (their surround) and extended desktop based on if I'm gaming or not, and the whole thing only takes seconds. Sorry I'm not really being helpful, just a kind of recommendation.