Verifone VX520 GPRS Setup?


Feb 20, 2013
My bosses asked me if I knew of a way to connect our verifone terminal to a hotspot so, if our work's internet went down, we could still use the terminal to accept credit cards. I decided to look it up but I have no idea how the whole GPRS SIM card situation works.

It seems I could plug a SIM card into the terminal, but how does that work? Can I just plug my phone's SIM card into it or does it need it's own special SIM card?
If it needs it's own SIM card, do I need to pay a carrier for that as if it was a cell phone?

As you can probably tell I have absolutely no idea how SIM cards or these terminals work but I'm the only employee here that knows a decent amount about computers so they've asked me to try and figure things out. Any help would be appreciated!
You're talking about two different things: A hotspot (a device providing WiFi Internet access to other devices), and SIM card pluggable into the terminal.

How is your terminal connected right now? How it gets internet access? If it connects over wired Internet, can it be switched into Wireless? If so, the easiest way to continue working is to get a WiFi hotspot from Verizon/ATT/etc.

As for SIM card and GPRS setup - that's probably a question for specialized support forum.