Verizon Modem.. looking for something better...


Apr 4, 2011
My modem is getting hot and I'm tired of it. Actually it's the router.

Curious if there's something That I can get that well is a Lot better than the ones I get through Verizon. I've been through 6 of them and after a few months all of them end up dropping in performance by 65% at least. a lot of times I have to turn off the router for 5 minutes.

Anyways, I prefer Just a modem not the wireless feature. I figure if I buy a modem at the same price as a router the modem's quality would be relatively twice the router.

I play mmos a lot and I download a lot of stuff. So, it's got to handle 24/7 use for more than 6 months...

I don't know enough about these things to do my own research.