Question Very low voltage, but it works?!

Oct 4, 2019
Hey! I just got into overclocking after a friend built me a computer. I'm getting some very strange results however. I'm using an I5 9600K and have clocked it to 4.9ghz on all cores, and it seems to be running fine on 1.150 voltage, tried gaming and full load in prime95. Something feels off?

I also think that I'm getting too low results in games, fps wise, for my setup. If anyone can find a fault, please look at this cpu-z link

My ram is clocked at 2100 because slot 3 and 4 doesnt seem to be able to handle 3000mhz. I have no idea why this is.

I'm also getting strange artifacts at random, they appeared with my 2060, aswell as with the new 2080ti. Could the ram be causing this?


Apr 3, 2018
Please say your full specs (psu, monitor resolution, pc cooler...)

If you have 2 RAMs you should put them in the position recommended by the mobo manual (1-3 or 2-4). Position 1-2 is incorrect and loses a lot of potential from its RAM (much more than the loss of speed) because it loses the double channel.

The reasons why the mobo cannot put 3000 in positions 3 and 4 can be:
A short circuit by contact of mobo with the pc case. Make sure the standoffs are correctly placed.
The anchors of the cooler pc are too tight and damage some circuit of mobo or are not isolated and cause short.
Misplaced RAMs
Failure of the mobo.

To set them to 3000 simply activate the XMP, do not perform manual OC.

It is important that you get at least 2666 that is the right speed for your processor. Do not worry too much about going there because it affects little, but below it does.

If you don't have blue screens, don't worry about low voltages. Anyway, I recommend that you first work a few days at stock speeds to rule out possible causes of problems.

The current Intel "K" processors have the peculiarity of being able to do OC to a certain extent very easily without touching voltages and, on the other hand, being difficult to handle when you have to raise the voltage due to temperature problems.

I recommend that you download the afterburner or similar to monitor the CPU and GPU load in your game to detect which is the weakest part
Oct 4, 2019
Thanks for your reply! Yeah, i switched to slot 2 and 4, that did improved fps alot! But i still cant get too 3000mhz in slot 3 or 4, ive tried both memories on 3000 in 1/2 alone, and they work fine there. But maybe it is some shortcut as you say. My friend was the one doing most of the building as I'm totally new in the area, but I do remember that we were missing one standoff, but he didn't think it would matter.

Specs are:
Samsung 65" 4k HDR TV
Seasonic FOCUS Plus 750W Gold
Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO
Corsair 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3000MHz CL15 Vengeance
Intel Core i5 9600K 3.7 GHz 9MB
ASUS GeForce RTX 2080 Ti 11GB DUAL OC

Another friend recently built a computer with a 2080 Super and an i7 9700K, everything else is identical to mine, he is getting WAY higher fps in games with the same settings. Could this all be thanks to the better processor? It feels like something in my build is off!