Question Very very strange situation.

Nov 19, 2019
Hey guys I've had my pc for around 4-5 years now. I can't provide its specs right now, since it cant connect to a monitor at the moment which is the problem. But I know that i have a gtx 1070. Here is an overview of the situation:

Ever since around six months ago. Whenever I turn on the pc, the monitor has a high chance of displaying "no signal" or "detecting signal" and then "no signal found". So of course I try to change the cable: switching from hdmi to vga. That dosen't work so I change the monitor. Again, no difference. I've been changing cables and monitors for a long time now ever since this problem first occured.

The only way to actually get the computer to connect to the monitor is to simply turn off the pc by holding the power button and then turning it back on (as stupid as it sounds). I've tried to just permanently leave the pc on, but after a few hours it sometimes restarts by itself: once again triggering the problem. This has left me bewildered, as sometimes the pc connects to the monitor but sometimes it fails. I thought something must be wrong with my installed drivers so I reset the pc to factory settings, but the problem always comes back. Changing monitors and cables both dont work.

As of recently it has become incredibly problematic to get the monitor to connect to the pc. During day time, the chances of the pc connecting to the monitor has been pretty much non-existent(no matter how many times I turn the pc on and off the monitor always shows "no signal"). The only way for it to connect is at night at around 2am-7am (trust me I've tested it a lot). So my theory right now is that perhaps the components inside the pc overheats or expands during the day time due to the temperature and then becomes cooler or contracts during night time when the temperature drops.

Anyone have any ideas as to why this strange phenomenon is happening? The pc only sometimes manages to connect to the monitor. I live in NZ Auckland where the temperature is actually fairly mild so there is actually little to no change to the temperature during day and night.