Question VERY weird issue occurred while doing normal dual PC stream | Please help??

Nov 26, 2020

Here is what happened:


Here is some info about what you just saw:

This just happened on my stream.. Was dual PC streaming as usual, daily thing.. And uhh, my 2 displays on my Gaming PC randomly started sleeping during that clip there, you can see when it happens. Right when it happened, but game was still being sent to the streaming pc, too, as I was momentarily able to walk around via looking at the streaming pc picture of it, while my gaming pc monitors were sleeping. Also, the gaming pc was still outputting my voice to the Streaming PC, as you could hear my voice throughout the whole thing on the stream. I could also hear my buddies voice FROM discord the entire time - however he could not hear me once the displays slept (which is weird since my voice was still going to the streaming pc). And the beepings? I have 0 clue what those are or what they're coming from, but they were definitely coming through my headphones and going to the stream pc, as it was picked up on the stream, too. What in the world?

The 'sleeping monitors' only stayed asleep for like 30 seconds, then they woke up, as seen in the Twitch clip above and the beeping that occurred. Here are a couple images of HWMonitor that I took directly after the close of this game which was only about 3-4 minutes after that happened:



The capture card I use is the Live Gamer 4K - GC573 (in case someone knows of something with this overheating or causing issues like this that I'm unaware of)

Thank you, hoping someone has some information!

Well, all I can say is I did a quick Google search for problems streaming COD Warzone on that capture card, and some links came up with everything from copyright problems to settings issues causing blackscreen, so I would think it would be the culprit.

Have you looked at AverMedia's support page for that product?

There's also an AverMedia board on the OBS forum if you happen to be using OBS. Even if not using OBS, someone there may know what the problem is.

And it goes without saying, if you're using a VPN, that may or may not be a problem depending on settings.
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