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Video Card Help


Jan 22, 2001
I'm in the process of making a list of parts I want to put in my new computer and I am stumped on the video card. I hope to have a substantial amount of RAM in the system so I can run win2k, but I'm not sure how well (or if) games work with win2k. I also don't know if the video card makes a differnce for this. My main concern for the card is gaming I was looking into the Ge force 64 meg Card by Suma. Now I am seeing this Ge Force on a variation of cards by a variation of companies. I was wondering if it is a technology that many of these companies are incorporating? Is it by NVIDIA? (this seems to be the name popping up everywhere I look). Gaming is the main purpose, but one with a TV out on it as well would be a bonus. Any help/ideas/suggestions would be greatly Appreciated.



If you want the ultimate in gaming, definitely get a card with the Nvidia chipset. The best one goes by the name of Geforce 2 Ultra. I have a Hercules card (Geforce 1) with TV out and it does as well as can be expected in terms of TV/out, and gaming is great. The Geforce 2 with 64 megs of DDR memory is the pinnacle, however. Hercules makes a card with TVout with the 64 megs of DDR and the GF2 Ultra Nvidia chipset also. I like their products and they always have easy to find driver updates right on their website. I have had no problems with my card. If you don't have that much cash, the MX version of the Nvidia chipset is a good value choice. They also come with TVout.

I too am running Win2K. The one game I can't play is Need for Speed High Stakes (version III I think). But I still can play Unreal Tournament, Quake 3, Diablo 2, Motocross Madness 2, Sim City 3000, The Sims. I haven't tried my Final Fantasy games yet since converting. Any new game though should support Win2K. It's the older games that you might have to worry about.

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