Video card upgrade


Jan 15, 2009
well i new computer that i had custom maid about 4 months ago died, so today i went a picked up a prebuilt computer, what i want to know is are there any video cards that will run on a 300Watt power supply , also i never used the 64bit version of vista will games work or not, i rather not charge my power supply only if i need to, i want to be able to play all the new games now my cpu is not the most power but at least it's a quad core, specs are :fou:
For low power requirements, its hard to beat the HD4670 from ATI. It doesn't even require a 6 pin power connector, just runs off the motherboard. It will play most games fine, don't expect it to drive a 30 inch monitor at highest settings though.

I would not recommend anything lower than 2.4ghz for modern games, even a quad core. 64 bit Vista is better supported than x64 at this point. Games will be fine, it is older peripherals (printer, scanners, webcams, etc.) that may not work with 64bit.

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