Question Video cards, no screen, able to mine?


Jul 11, 2018
I am just wondering if I can still mine on video cards if they do not display video, or if they blue screen. Am I able to mine if they have no video, if they blue screen, or are they just useless paper weights? Video card can vary from anything from nvidia 10 to 30 series, to AMD Polaris 400 + 500 series, any navi card, and any Vega card. Nothing older than Polaris/Vega, and nothing older than Pascal. Could include Quadro's, Titan's, or Radeon Instinct', but not likely.

I would not use Windows (for obvious reasons), I would just use Hive OS or NiceHash OS (either of these from a USB drive) and remote manage it from my personal computer over the network.
it would depend entirely on how the GPU is faulty within...; it is possible that one might have a fault where it could not output to a particular output, but, possibly still respond normally over the PCI-e interface, but, I'd sure not ever count on that even happening...