Question Video crash but pc is on

Jan 17, 2021
Hello there, first of all I'll give you my setup:

GPU: Radeon 6800 XT
Mobo: MSI B450-A Pro
CPU: Ryzen 3600x
RAM: 3200 MHz
PSU: Sharkoon 750W gold80+
1° Monitor: Samsung 2K 144 Hz
2° Monitor: Omen Full HD 144 Hz

In the last time my pc, when i play at some games, crash.
What is happening is:
Both my monitors turn off and i can't turn them on anyway, my pc still run smoth (i can see vents (cpu - gpu and pc vents working) and leds inside it on. All the app that was running stop working (if i had spotify turned on, i can't hear any sound) neither the reset button on the case work.
the only fing that i can do is to shut down the whole system.
This problem happen everytime i turn on Star wars II Battlefront and every 2-3 hours of gameplay in Cyberpunk but won't happen at any time in games like tarkov.

What i thought is:

A problem with PSU cable (like gpu - cpu - mobo cable), a problem with ram (i did 5 loops cicle with MemTest64 withour errors) or the whole GPU broke

What i've noticed is that the led on the MOBO turns on and stay on as it crashes, before of it, led is off.

I even did some test:

1) Removed monitor 2 (the one Full HD) and system crash
2)Removed monitor 2K leaving the one 1080, system don't crash
3 Set both monitor in 1080 and system don't crash
4 Set monitor 2k in 1080, set Star Wars in 2K and system don't crash
5 From point 4 --> set monitor 2K in 2k resolution --> System crash


I've noticed that after the monitor crash, my cpu's led on motherboard remain on
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