Question Video editing pc build advice


Oct 19, 2019
I have an asus prime z390 with an i7-9700 that i would like to use as a video editing pc including 4k editing, currently with 32gb ram and a 550w gold psu, and need some advice on upgrades.

Firstly, would i see any/much improvement in swapping the cpu for a 9600k? I could possibly stretch to a 9900k, would it be worth it?

Also ive reade that the 9700 supports 64gb ram in a dual configuration, does this mean the cpu is limited to that? For example i want to max out the ram on the mobo, is that pointless with my current cpu? If so whats the limit on a 9600k?

Finally, ive been eyeing up a refurbished nvidia quadro m4000, how would the performance boost compare to the boost from a cpu upgrade? There might be a couple months between getting both so would like to know which would be most beneficial to install first.

Thanks for any advice anyone can give


The issue with stating specs generically is that we're left asking more questions and assuming on things when making suggestions. You're advised to stylize your post like so, to cater to all questions and hopefully the community will chime in with constructive feedback.

Also, please keep in mind to be as specific as possible, for example;
a 550w gold psu
550W is the advertised wattage of the PSU, while Gold is the advertised 80+ efficiency rating. It doesn't tell us what the make and model of the unit is. Also include the age of the PSU.