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Question Voltages

Nov 13, 2019
Hello, I am new to the forum and looking for some assistance .

So I have an Asus B-450F Gaming and recently upgraded to a Ryzen 3600. Recently I have been getting a over voltage popup when I start cpu sometimes . If I go to bios and restart it goes away and everything boots up. But when I am in bios my cpu voltage is 1.6. After I boot up my max voltage is 1.45 on auto oc which is fine. However my VDDCR voltage is continually around 1.57. Is this an issue? Any help is appreciated.

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Vcore shouldn't be much above 1.5 for third generation according to google though, I doubt this voltage is going to damage anything.
People were complaining about high voltages with 2nd generation out of the box, and I haven't seen any voltage related failures of these CPU.

I would try the latest bios version and chipset driver. There are some kinks with Ryzen 3000.